Real Time World Wide Jamming NOW Available through free download for ACID

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

For immediate release

Brisbane, Australia – DJs and VJs of all ages can now Jam together to create new music and video from anywhere in the world in real time, with ACID's release of Jam2JamAV, a free public beta for Apple Mac OSX 10.4 and 10.5.

'An amazing community of jammers has emerged from our trials in schools, museums, libraries and community centres all over the world,' said Network Jamming project leader Dr. Steve Dillon of QUT and ACID.

'Enthusiastic jammers of all ages have really tested the software for us, and the smiles on users faces in the UK, USA, Scandinavia, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia are just one indication we're achieving meaningful engagement through the Jam2Jam research,' he said.

Jam2JamAV is a new instrument for collaborative media performance and engagement through improvisation. Jammers play music and remix video together in real time over the internet, while the underpinning Network Jamming research explores ways to enhance learning and community through interactive creative activities based on collaborative and generative digital technologies.

Jam2Jam is based on ACID researcher Andrew Sorensen's Impromptu development environment to provide an expressive instrument for performance. ACID programmer Thorin Kerr has synthesised feature requests from user trials, while ACID Research Manager Associate Professor Andrew Brown has extensively improved the responsiveness of the software and adapted it for the use with USB controllers.

The Network Jamming team has developed new generative media software that can be controlled over the internet to increase access to real-time creative interaction for novice users, children and people with a disability.

Jam2Jam is particularly useful for schools, and the Network Jamming team has developed teaching materials and approaches to public workshops. Innovative teachers and artists around the world have collaborated on Recipes for a Jam, an online support and share space with ideas and lesson plans for using Jam2Jam in classrooms and communities.

Jammers everywhere can join the Jam2Jam Social Network - just download Jam2JamAV and upload and share your jams at

For more information:
Ali Kerr, ACID.
T: 07 3337 7921. E:

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