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acid researchers

Our researchers were located within industry partners and universities around Australia and New Zealand.

They covered a vast and seriously interesting range of disciplines including computer science, design, engineering, media content production, professional services, and cognitive and social science.

research leaders group

Each university that participated in acid provided an experienced researcher to monitor and guide our research, and advise on research directions and the application of our research.

As at 30 June 2010, the group comprised:

scientific advisory group

We sought international feedback on from pre-eminent leaders in our fields of research:

  • Professor Arun Sharma, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Professor Pelle Ehn, School of Arts and Communication (K3), Malmo University, Sweden
  • Professor Sandy Pentland, MIT Media Lab, USA
  • Professor Tom Rodden, Mixed Reality Laboratory, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Dr Harry Shum, Microsoft Asia, China

acid team

Please see our extensive list of ACID researchers, research participants and staff here.

research manager
Prof Andrew Brown
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