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research strengths + capacities

research strengths

ACID took an integrated approach to its research across all programs. The commonalities reveal ACID's research strengths:

  • social participation and technology: exploring ways to facilitate collaboration, interaction and the development of social capital through technological interventions in communities
  • digital perspectives of the world: helping people to better or differently understand their world through digital representations that highlight selected relationships, features or meanings
  • dynamic media creation and application: enhancing creative potential through digital media content creation, manipulation and presentation by developing methods and tools with particular emphasis on automation, generation and adaptation

skills + capacities

ACID had a strong focus on design processes, research processes and evaluation strategies which was applied across all our research programs and themes.

ACID also developed and identified skills and capacities in:

  • understanding social contexts
  • identifying problems in interactive experiences
  • designing technology-based solutions to human problems
  • understanding the potential of digital technologies
  • rapid development of software and hardware prototypes
  • collaborating in multi-disciplinary teams
  • incorporating a refined aesthetic sensibility in work 

research contexts

ACID's research was characterised by an emphasis on situating research within real-world contexts including:

  • electronic entertainment
  • artistic practice
  • technology standards formats
  • community arts
  • education
  • business practices
  • local government
  • tourism
  • health services
  • telecommunications
  • internet services
  • community organisations
  • master-planned communities
  • digital hardware development
  • cultural centres
  • indigenous communities
research manager
Prof Andrew Brown
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