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Intimate Transactions

Art, Exhibition and Interaction within Distributed Network Environments

Edited by Jillian Hamilton
Published by ACID - Australasian CRC for Interaction Design

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"An elegant eclectic collaboration of theories, philosophies and practices, Intimate Transactions intrigues and inspires."
Ann McLean, M/C Reviews

Combining well-written articles and beautiful and surreal, glossy imagery, Intimate Transactions explores the potential of interaction within multi-user environments through the presentation of different perspectives on an artistic and technological collaboration led by new media artist Keith Armstrong.

This beautifully crafted book provides insights into the design and development of the new media work entitled Intimate Transactions from the perspectives of the visual, sound and performance artists, and the furniture, spatial and technology systems designers who collaborated in its production. They discuss their design philosphies, working processes, resolution and exhibition of this major new media artwork.

"My reaction to this text is one of fascination and envy."
Ann McLean, M/C Reviews

The essays on production are accompanied by the analysis of writers from the fields of art history, performance and Human Computer Interaction. Their essays consider how new media artworks like Intimate Transactions challenge traditional understandings of art, installation and exhibition experience because of the need to take into account interaction, performativity, inter-site collaboration, co-presence and the reconfiguration of space. They also anticipate how the innovations of this project might be incorporated into other fields such as Computer Supported Cooperative Work, virtual environments and networked communication.

Intimate Transactions is an outcome of one of ACID's primary research agendas: exploring the potential of interaction within multi-user environments, and represents the product of ten years of effort to build critical mass and capacity for Australia's creative industries.

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