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The Education Program was a core element of ACID's R&D activities to identify and develop new ways for ICT to support and sustain communication and collaboration in business, health, urban development and creative community activities. Over ACID's lifetime the Education Program continued to deliver new research talent to these emerging areas of national innovation.

Our focus on postgraduate scholarships, student development and industry collaboration provided exciting opportunities for students to work across disciplinary and university / community and university / industry boundaries. Students were central to our innovative research in areas as diverse as smart metering for sustainable energy use, the use of ICT in developing nations, automated music composition for the film industry, and technologies that promote and sustain participation in community life.

The Education Program aimed to:

  • Recruit quality students who could think in new ways and take our research in new directions
  • Provide quality learning opportunities for students within acid projects
  • Incorporate student work in the research outcomes of our projects
  • Create opportunities for industry leaders, research leaders and students to work together.

acid partner universities at 30 June 2010:

education manager
A/Prof Barbara Adkins
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