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Welcome to the final edition of Litmus

As you all know ACID will be closing the doors on June 30 this year, so it has come time to deliver our very last newsletter.

Now, don't panic - there will still be a few of us here at HQ until 'D day', but the office is thinning out as we wave goodbye to our comrades in Interaction Design and wish them well on their next adventures.

With our big closing party for ACID folk past and present taking place next month and final reporting the month after, the remaining few will be extremely busy here. We do however promise to post some party photos on the ACID website and of course the fruits of our final Annual Reporting labour will join them.

Speaking of websites, ours is looking forward to a trim over the next couple of months, showing off its best side for the legacy version - so please stop on by at the end of June to see the ACID legacy website glistening in the winter sunshine.

What's next?


Well... before you all run away panicking about what's next for interaction design...stop, it's all ok!

You'll be happy to know that folk here at ACID are in the process of working with our interaction design research heavies on a plan. A plan for a club-house, a plan for a strategy and a plan for a future.

You've probably heard it a million times but part of ACID's vision was to "Power the next generation of Interaction Designers". After successfully placing over 50 scholarships here at ACID during the last 7 years we want to make sure that those new Interaction Designers head out feeling the love and support, from ACID but also from their community.

Please stay tuned to the ACID website for the ACID plan for a future.

We are also in the reviewing process of the ACID Book. Documenting 7 phenomenal years of research, contract R&D and capacity building, it's a big job but we think it's worth it. We're up to our ears in data, visualisations, maps, demos, case studies and testimonials and can't wait to share the ACID story with you. Again, please stay tuned to our website and twitter feed for the launch date.

So long...

Well loyal Litmus readers, it's been a exciting ride. So until we meet again So long and thanks for all the fish!


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