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recensio :: associate, collaborate, annotate

The Recensio project was helping Australian Universities who required a streamlined assessment system, to specifically process and manage creative industries’ PhD assessment workflow from conception to exhibition through the utilisation of rich-media annotation, social media tools and online resources.

The requirements had strong parallels with arts granting bodies (film, TV, music, art works etc) who had distributed, collaborative based assessment of the works leading to granting funding for successful candidates – i.e. expert opinions from world wide were sought as part of the assessment / collaborative discussions on the merits and rankings of different works.

Research supporting the development was conducted on how people collaborated and reached consensus in domains that relied heavily on digital media assets, such as video, illustrations, and music.

The research guided and assisted the implementation of a pilot implementation at QUT Creative Industries. The system stored and managed creative student works from concept through to assessment, assisting their peers and supervisors to provide feedback through collaborative annotations, provide secure workflow, annotation and collaborative assessment support for assessment panels and examiners whilst providing feedback to students on their work throughout the process.

This research extended that carried out as part of ACID’s previous research project called ACID Press, researching in the areas of online annotation and collaboration, including the discoveries and developments within the Protospace, Scribblr, OCD and the Virtual Communities projects.



project leader
Michael Docherty
partners + collaborators
Queensland University of Technology
RMIT University
Cognitia Studios
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